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     This photo was taken 29/10/2004 - aged 9 1/2 months  



As Barney was born on 7th March 2004, 2004 was his first year of showing.

The first event Barney entered was the Guernsey Dog Club's 'Pre Winter Show Match' which was held on the 10th October 2004.  He was a bit naughty and didn't want to stand up correctly and as such we were placed in 4th position in the puppy class.


Ooh - these look nice to chew!!!


 GDC Winter Open Show - 24 October 2004

This was our first 'real' show.  The hound classes were held in the afternoon, so I spent the morning observing the other dogs and seeing how they were handled in the ring.  Barney behaved myself much better and was awarded Reserve Best Puppy in Group. 

The following is the critique written by the judge, Mrs G Davis - 'Timamso Maestro - Beagle - Seven month old dog.  Promising youngster of good make, shape and type.  Masculine, well made head with good stop, flews and nose.  Ears: good length and well hung.  Ribcage still developing therefore topline not yet set.  Shapely hindquarters with a good stern.  Needs to settle in movement'.  I was really pleased with these comments from Mrs Davis.  The mention of 'needs to settle in movement' was said because a couple of times Barney did jump up and I know this is an area we need to work on for next time and keep his strides more settled.


Barney with his rosette (it tasted nice too!!)




GDC Christmas Match - 19 December 2004

This was Barney's second match and he behaved himself so well, he trotted out nicely and didn't put a foot wrong.  He was placed second in the puppy class and was also awarded Reserve Best Puppy in Match.  I was so pleased with him.


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