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GDC Pre Members' Show Match - 6 February 2005                                                                           Proud Boy !!!


What a day this was!  Barney came first in his puppy class, then was awarded Best Puppy in Match, but best of all - he was given Best in Match.  I was over the moon with this and never expected it.  As a treat Barney had some liver for tea!




GDC Members' Show - 27 February 2005


Under judge, Mr Jeff Horswell, Barney was given Best of Breed, Reserve Best Puppy in Group and Hound Group 3.  This was my second show and Barney felt like he was starting to settle down a bit.  He moved much more freely this time and I was really pleased with the overall result.

The following is the critique written by Jeff Horswell - Timamso Maestro -  Almost 12 months, very masculine, good quality hound, balanced head, good expressive eyes, strong lengthy neck, fair front, excellent body, well made rear.  In very good, hard condition.


The Kennel Club of Jersey Championship Show - 19 March 2005

Mrs Carole Wood judged the hound group for this show.  I was given Best of Breed, Best AV Junior in Group (Qualifies for Crufts 2006) and Hound Group 4.  This was our first show off the island and we learned a lot from this event.  Mrs Wood was really helpful and gave me some good tips for the future - she told me she liked Barney as lot and he was a very nice dog!

The following is Mrs Carole Wood's critique - Striking dog, masculine head, straight front with plenty bone, tight feet, strong well angulated hindquarters, moved true, driving from hocks.


GDC Match - 10 April 2005

Another successful day for us!  Mind you I have been working very hard with Barney to get him to stand still, and it was all worth it!  Today Barney was given Best Junior in Match and Best in Match.


Devon, Cornwall & South West Beagle Society Championship Show - 1 May 2005

Our first UK show and first breed show!  This was a great experience for both Barney and myself to see all those fellow beagles and a lot was learned from today.  Barney's breeder, Georgina Kemp, handled Barney in the first class and he was very naughty and wouldn't stand still (she said it was like having Emu on the end of a lead!).  Barney's results for the day were:

Junior Dog - VHC, Yearling Dog - 2nd, Special Beginners Dog - 2nd


Debbie Taylor's critique - Timamso Maestro - Tri, good head and expression.  Moved well behind but preferred the overall package of 1.



The Kennel Club of Jersey Championship Show - 7th May 2005

A brilliant day for us!  Under judge, Mrs Valerie Foss, Barney was given a Reserve Challenge Certificate (three challenge certificates will mean the dog will be awarded the title of 'Jersey Champion' JY CH).  Our results from today were:

AVH Not Catered For Open - 1st, AVH Not Catered For BOB, Hound Group 2 (Reserve CC), AV Hound Junior - 1st (Qualifies for Crufts 2006).

imgp1323.png imgp1354.png

Mrs Valerie Foss' critique - Very pleasing young dog, correct head, good front outline, ribs and quarters, moved well.




GDC Spring Open Show - 15 May 2005

Another great day for us.  Barney showed his socks off today and behaved so well.  The sporting judge today was Mr James Newsham.  Barney won a trophy for Best Junior in Show, and also won the BC Watson Memorial Heat at the end of show judging.  I was so pleased with Barney today.  The other results from today were:

Beagle Open - 1st (BOB), Hound Group 3, AV Junior - 1st, AV Yearling - 2nd, BC Watson Group Finalist - 1st.

imgp13561.png 037 - 15 may 051.png

Mr James Newsham's critique to follow ....




GDC Match - 5th June 2005

Junior Class - 2nd


The Kennel Club of Jersey Members' Show - 18th June 2005

Barney's first outdoor show and it was so hot!  Despite this he did really well.  He is now starting to stand better in order that the judge can get a better look at him.  The sporting judge today was Mr Peter Julian and he liked Barney a lot and told me to 'keep at it, as he is a very nice dog!' - Barney won another trophy today for Best Junior in Show - his other results were:

AVH Not Catered For (Open) - 1st (Best AVHNCF), Hound Group 2, AV Hound Junior - 1st, AV Hound Yearling - 1st.

Mr Peter Julian's critique - Woodhouse's Timamso Maestro, beagle of real quality, great expression, good muzzle & skull, ears well placed, lovely bone, good hindquarters, should have a good future.


GDC Match - 10 July 2005barney match.jpg

Junior Class - 1st, Best Junior in Match





Paignton Championship Show - 14 July 2005

My first championship show in the UK and I was pleased with Barney's placing in the Junior class.  The beagle classes were judged by Mr Colin Lomax and my results for the day were:

Junior Dog - 2nd (2006 Crufts Qualification), Novice Dog - 1st

Mr Colin Lomax's critique - Woodhouse's Timamso Maestro.  Tri of ideal size.  Excellent head.  Good reach of neck.  Level topline.  Close up to winner was beaten by superior handling.  (My fault - now it's Barney's turn to blame me!  I think I need to put some practice in too, but I was really pleased with Barney's critique).


Beagle Association Championship Show - 16 July 2005

This was Barney's second beagle club show.  He was a bit naughty today and wouldn't stand still (but he did win a prize for me!).  The dog judge today was Mr Brian Foster and Barney's results were:

Junior Dog - Reserve, Yearling Dog - VHC, Special Beginners Dog - 1st

Mr Brian Foster's critique - Woodhouse's Timamso Maestro.  Smart, square tri, level topline, moved well, needs to settle in front.


Evesham & District Canine Society Open Show - 18 July 2005

Barney was really tired at this show and it was a really hot day (the hottest of the year!).  It was his third show in a week and we had done a lot of travelling, so I didn't blame him for not wanting to move well.  The judge today was Miss Nicola Denny and she awarded Barney the following:

Junior Dog - 1st, Post Graduate Dog - 2nd

Miss Nicola Denny's critique - Timamso Maestro - A nicely put together dog that moved well although needs to stride out a bit more.  He had a nice outline when stacked.  Nice head, dark eye and typical expression.  Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and a deep chest.


The Kennel Club of Jersey Championship Show - 6 August 2005

Today the sporting judge was Mr Frank Kane.  I felt Barney did not move very well today and he jumped about a bit.  His results for the day were:

AVNCF Hound (Open) - 1st, Best AVNCF Hound, AV Hound Junior - 3rd, AV Yearling Hound - 3rd, AV Open Hound - 3rd

Mr Frank Kane's critique - Timamso Maestro, good headed tri beagle, typy, in good form, soft expression, action could be more fluent.


Bournemouth Canine Association Championship Show - 13 August 2005

The beagle judge today was Miss Sally Kimber and Barney's results were:

Junior Dog - VHC, Post Graduate Dog - VHC


Guernsey Dog Club Match - 21 August 2005

Today's match was judged by Mrs Yvonne Windsor - I was awarded the following:

Junior Dog (class 2) - 1st & Reserve Best Junior in Match


Guernsey Dog Club Autumn Members' Show - 4 September 2005

Today was a wonderful day for Barney - he showed his little socks off!  The sporting judge was Mrs Marianne Nixon, who also judged Best in Show.  The non-sporting judge was Mr John Wright who also judged the other end of show classes.  Barney's results for today were:

Beagle - Open - 1st (BOB) & Hound Group 1

AV Hound Junior - 1st, AV Hound Yearling - 1st, BC Watson Hound Group - 1st


barney bis 31.png

I still can't believe it - I didn't think Barney would ever get this far!

Mrs Marianne Nixon's critique - Timamso Maestro - very smart tri, nicely moulded head, kind expression, good bone, sound front, well sprung ribs, good body and hindquarters, lovely outline & tailset, moved with confidence and drive.



Richmond Championship Show - 10 September 2005

The beagle judge today was Mr Alistair Parker.  Barney didn't show very well today, I think all the travelling had made him very tired and he didn't move well for me.  I was awarded the following:

Post Graduate Dog - VHC


Guernsey Dog Club Discover Dogs Match 2005 - 9 October 2005


Guernsey has just held their second Discover Dogs event hosted by Mr Peter Purves.  We made a beagle stand for the event and it was a great opportunity for everybody to see so many breeds of dog, and a perfect opportunity Biscuit to socialise with people and dogs.  Mr Brian Cummins the President of the Jersey Kennel Club judged the match today and he awarded Barney:

    Best Yearling in Match



Guernsey Dog Club Winter Open Show - 30 October 2005

Under judge, Mr B Maurice Webb (Mauraine), who judged the Sporting classed and under Mr Tegwyn Jones for the end of show judging, Barney was given the following placings:

AVNPC (Open) - 1st, Best AVNPC In Group, Hound Group 1 and went on to be placed 4th Best In Show - another fantastic day for Barney!

Mr Webb's critique - Timamso Maestro - A QUALITY Yearling that makes immediate impact as soon as he enters the ring, at the top end of the scale as regards size, although this is offset by excellent balanced body proportions, and complementary conformation, being presented in a hard condition, shows good size, shape and definition to muscle, beautifully presented which further enhances a clean outline.  Beautiful head, showing good muzzle to skull ratio and a defined stop, presented on a well set neck, strongly built forehand, well laid shoulders, with forelegs parallel on strong bone, shows a good length and spring of rib, being short coupled to a strong loin, sound quarters, an energetic mover, who gives the impression of being able to perform his function as hound with ease.


Guernsey Dog Club Supermatch 2005 - 13 November 2005

The judge today was Debbie Hougton from Jersey.  This was the Guernsey Dog Club's first ever Supermatch and to qualify each dog had to have been a winner from a class in a previous match in the year.  Barney's was awarded the following:

Yearling Class - 1st, and he then went on to win BEST IN MATCH (well done Barney!)


Barney winning BIM, with Orca who was RBIM



At the Guernsey Dog Club's AGM each year several trophies are awarded to dogs who have gained the most points from certain classes held in the 4 shows over the year.  Barney was awarded the following (well done Barney this was a lovely end to a very good year!)dsc_0233.png


The BC Watson Memorial Trophy (dogs between 6 and 18 months) - 24 points

The H W Prins Trophy (Top Guernsey Dog of the Year) - 18 points


Guernsey Kennel Club Christmas Match - 18 December 2005


Today's match was judged by Ro Cox from Jersey - these were my results:

Yearling Class - 1st, and Reserve Best in Match

Ro Cox's critique - A smart dog with compact body in good condition.  Well defined stop and low set ears.  Moved well, with good forward reach.


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