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Along our travels, walks, ringcraft classes, puppy classes & shows etc. we get to meet lots of animal friends - here are some photos of some of them ...............




This is Kallias - a handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback - we met him at ringcraft classes and have become good friends with his owner Sarah.  Kallias will be 2 years old in December 2005. 





                                                                                                                            Kallias & Semele playing together

Here is Semele, a labrador, who is 4 years old.  She is such a sweetie and is so gentle.  She is also owned by Sarah.  Kallias and Semele are good friends and we often visit them.



Meet 'Hogan' - he is an Irish Wolfhound who we met at ringcraft classes.  He lives with Anne and Paul Vaudin together with their other Wolfhounds, Branigan & Darcy - visit them on their own website at Torteval Irish Wolfhounds



This is Barney with Gemma - a standard smooth-haired dachshund.  Barney loves Gemma and they have to have a 'kiss' everytime they see each other.  Gemma is owned by our friends, Wendy & Mike.




Here are two weimeraner friends we met at ringcraft classes - On the left is Ayla (owned by Nikki) and on the right is Luka (owned by Christianne).




This is Orca, a Tibetan Terrier.  Orca is owned by Louise and has been doing extremely well in shows both in the Channel Islands and in the UK.




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