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The Channel Islands are located in the English Channel between England and France.  Guernsey is the second largest of these islands, with St Peter Port being it's capital.  Guernsey has an area of only 25 square miles however there are many great places to visit and the scenery is outstanding.  Four local dogs shows are held every year, some of which are open to non-members.

         The Guernsey Flag   




Guernsey, Alderney, Sark & Herm - also known as the 'Bailiwick of Guernsey'



There are several smaller islands situated around Guernsey - Sark and Herm are our favourites and sometimes we visit them by boat.  Sark is our particular favourite as there are no cars on the island, just horse and carts and a few tractors.  It is really peaceful there and often we are the only people on the beaches and so dogs can run around freely.  Barney doesn't like the water, although he is a good swimmer.

Barney on the back of the boat - Summer 2004


If you ever get the chance you should visit Guernsey (and Herm and Sark too).  It is a great place for a dog to live and one of our favourite places is L'Ancresse Common where dogs can go to run around and sniff for rabbits!


More information on Guernsey can be found by clicking the following link    gdc068.jpg


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